Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 11: A rare and secret look inside the killing cove

It was good dolphin hunting weather again today in Taiji. The boats went out and we endured the excruciating wait of an unknown outcome. Finally, the boats headed our way. Just as our excitement was building, we saw them make an immediate 180 degree turn and speed away towards other boats still on the horizon. They had found dolphins. We watched the black smoke on the horizon but had no idea what was happening. After a chase the boats were all heading back in again, NOT in a drive formation! They had apparently lost whatever they'd found. Glad the dolphins were able to outfight them!

It was especially great that the dolphins won today because it is International Anti-Whaling Day! In honor of this we drove to the cove and made a whale and dolphin sculpture out of the beach rocks, along with a sign that said 'End The Killing'. A bit hard to see in the photos, but it looked great in person!
11/05/11 - International Anti-Whaling Day - Hey WORLD, please stop slaughtering whales and dolphins!

The BIG NEWS today is footage from inside the cove that has been bravely filmed and shared with two activists here, by an anonymous local. Many, many thanks to whoever you are for doing this and giving the world insight to what is behind those tarps; the last sight dolphins see before they're taken out of this world. Hopefully more Japanese citizens will follow this lead and start standing up against this atrocity. Here's the link with photos and video from inside the cove:
Inside the killing cove - The sound of critters

And here is the opposite view, looking into the cove from the water. This is Martyn Stewart's video of the path the dolphins are forced to take, leading them into the killing cove. Props to Martyn for putting this together, and Ady Gil for (legally) taking his boat into the killing cove. Video link here:
Death route of the dolphins

Finally our day is winding down. So here we all sit, downstairs in our cozy little hotel lobby all gathered around our computers processing footage, telling the world about what goes on here, and enjoying a beer and a few good laughs with a few great friends. It's pouring down rain right now - hopefully it will last through the morning!

Life in Taiji is not easy, though I can say wholeheartedly that the life of an activist is a good life.

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